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Purchasing... keeping suppliers happy, costs down and quality up

You can’t do any of these without processes and processes need to start internally. Do you ever ask "who ordered that?". Then you need a purchase order system that allows you to approve and track orders. Are your orders checked against invoices before they’re accepted? Are invoices paid on time? They should be, and there are a few practical steps you can create to ensure this happens.

New supplier contracts can be 10 pages long. You might not have time to read the small print but we do, and we'll highlight any commercial issues that may arise. And we’ll make sure you have your own terms and conditions so that suppliers know exactly how and when you need them to deliver.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Confused? We're not. If you're looking for a supplier in an area that's unfamiliar to you, let us interpret the jargon and find you the best deal.

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