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Time... there never seems to be enough to go around

The key to a successful business is to treat time as a scarce resource. To strictly allocate it as you would any other resource, and to allocate it to the right person. If you're spending time on an aspect of your business that could be more efficiently done by someone else, tasks will take longer and your business growth will suffer. And prioritise. Finance Directors shouldn't just be "busy fools"; they need to spend their time on the things that really matter.

There are some simple steps to follow that will help you keep control of time:

  • Measure time. How much time do you spend raising invoices, chasing debts? Or even packing boxes and cleaning?
  • Set targets for reducing the time spent on each element of your business.
  • Plan how to improve those times so that you can spend more time on the parts of your business that will really help it to grow.

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