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How?... by looking at the bigger picture

How do you identify your business strategy and the goals you need to set in order to achieve it? A Business Mentor should be involved in the bigger picture, not just day-to-day issues. Our Business Mentors have years of experience running businesses at the highest level, and they bring that experience to your own business. Your Business Mentor will work with you to set targets and milestones, monitor them and inspire better performance. Sometimes, the simplest things can improve performance but you're too busy working on the details. Your Business Mentor will guide you in the right direction. He or she will highlight the best bits of your business and show you how to replicate them, rather than focusing on the areas that take up time but are unprofitable. It's about taking a strategic view to move your business forward.

And don't forget the network of contacts that our Business Mentors have. Whether you're looking for a new supplier, a new accountant or to expand into a new market, they always know an experienced someone who can make things happen. Priceless.

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