Revealed; Suppliers we have identified savings against for clients!

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When was the last time one of your suppliers rang up to say their prices were falling?


A great question that I often hear from grimacing businessmen in networking events and business meetings.

Well, sometimes all you have  to do is ask, or get someone to benchmark your costs for you.

Time and prioritising is the work of the devil as far as most FDs and MDs are concerned, so we have put together a little list of those suppliers we have identified significant savings against in the last few months.

If you have any of these suppliers then just get in touch.

Indeed if you are using them then it is probable that you are paying too much no matter how big or small a company you are.

In no particular order, honestly;


BT for Telephony

PHS for Washroom supplies

Viking for stationery

Iron Mountain for Document Storage

Local counsel for waste collection

Biffa for waste collection

Bond for outsourced payroll

AXA-PPP for healthcare

Streamline for Merchant Credit Cards

Rentokil Initial for washroom supplies


If you are looking at the list and see your name, then how about reviewing your clients accounts and getting better value for money for them?

We are coming for you!


If you would like your costs reviewed then just drop me a line on


10 Top Cost Saving Tips for any Business

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Ten top tips for savings costs in any company or at home

 I Recently used this list as a basis for a presentation I did to 20 business women in North London, it was well received. Not only because all the tips are real ones that we have used with our clients, but because some of them can also be used a home.

              1.     Energy                        Make sure you know when your energy contracts are up for renewal. If you     don’t  you will be rolled over into a new contract at a higher than market rate and be paying too much for years to come.


                 2.   Energy Usage           A very simple tip, when you leave your business tonight take a reading of your electricity meter. When you come in tomorrow take another reading. He wonder what on earth have you left on all night that is costing you hundreds and hundreds of ££s a year!


3.  Fax Machines           Please tell me you do not still have one of these, they cost over £200 a year to run. You can now have a digital fax which means that any fax that is sent to you arrives as an email instead. No more worrying about ink or paper of that horrible squealing noise if your fax shares your phone line. We got rid of ours sometime ago and we now use this,  costs £2 a month.


4.   Print Costs                   These costs are still falling so you must ensure that you get more than one quote each and every time. We act as a print price checker for a number of organisations so if you need help with what can be a tricky area but full of significant savings then let us know.


5.    Telephony                    There are again huge savings still being made in telephony, but if you are a small company or a one man band then have you thought about getting rid of your landline altogether? You can still have a landline number and just point  it at your mobile or answering service and you can change the number it points to anytime.


6.    For the retailers amongst you.    You should all be taking credit cards as a payment method, but when was the last time you checked how much your Merchant Credit  Card Company is charging you? It is not all about the headline percentage charges did you now there are over 16 other charges that can appear on your statement? If you have lots of tourists buying your wares did you know there is a way of reducing your charges to zero, and we know companies who are actually being paid by their Merchant Credit card company.


7.      Business Rates                        There are still 41% of small companies in the UK who are not claiming the discounts and rebates available. Have a look at your business rates bill and look for the RV value. If it less than £25,500 if you are in Greater London then you should be getting rebates.


8.      Data Back ups                     Do you back up your data? Do you back up onto a drive that sits next to your computer? Thief will just take both. What about at home are you backing up those precious digital photos etc. A large percentage of companies fail within 2 years of a significant data loss, do not be one of them.  We use a service that charges £60 a year for a terabyte, incredibly good value, if you want the details then just let me know.


9.      Do you run a cafe or a restaurant?        Do you measure your waste food? This is a great way to answer questions like are  our portions too big? Do our customers like what we are serving today? If you simply scrape all the left overs into a bucket then weigh each day you will soon get a picture of what is working and what is changing.


10.      Telephony again.                Have a look at your business phone bill, I want you to look for 2 letters that will highlight the fact that you are paying too much. Those letters are “BT”.  95% of the clients that we work with have been paying too much if they have had BT as their Telephony supplier, are you one of the them?



I hope you have enjoyed these 10 tips, please do not hesitate to ask any questions or indeed add your own. Don’t forget to share this article  if you found it helpful. Just send me an email



Business phone bills ; 3 Tips to see if you are paying too much!

Business Phone Bills



We have been saving costs for organisations costs for years on all sorts of costs from A to Z. Today we are focussing on land line telephony costs.

The cost of telephony continues to fall and the suppliers margins are falling or they should be. We see a huge variety of costs being paid for the same call so many suppliers are still making too much money!

As with a lot of things, businesses just want the phones to work and they do not have time to check if they are paying too much. The imagined hassle of changing suppliers is also something the procrastinator holds onto.

The changes in the industry means it is now easier than ever to change suppliers and there is no excuse!

Your supplier is not about to tell you that you are being overcharged you need to get it checked for yourself, in the years we have been looking at costs we have saved money on 98% of telephony bills that we have seen.


So what 3 Tips can we give you to let you know if you are paying too much?


    1. Are you being charged a minimum call charge? Have a look on your bill if you see a 1 to 10 second call and they all cost the same, then you are being charged just for connecting. You are paying too much, this billing went out with the ark!
    2. Does it cost more than 6.5pence per minute to call a mobile? The cost of calling mobiles was always an expensive per minute charge but costs have fallen dramatically in the last few years as more and more mobile calls are made. Can be less for high volumes!
    3. How much are your lines , more than £12.50 per month? Lines are a regulated product so they are all looked after by BT so even when you change supplier the underlying provider is still BT.


If you would like another 3 tips on what you should be looking out or if you have any trouble trying to identify if you are paying too much then just send us a copy of your latest bill to and we can advise for you.



Cost Detective asks Please tell me you don’t still have a fax machine!

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Fax machines are now officially dinosaurs! Get rid of the fax line, save money, get rid of the fax machine, save money!

Instead send and receive faxes via email from anywhere in the world, you can send from your laptop and it will be still received as a fax at the other end! For an elegant solution try Digital Fax ,  you can receive as many faxes as you want for £2 a month!  Never run out of fax paper and ink again!  Save money.

Need help implementing then just email and we will be right back to you