Free help for Local North London Businesses from The Cost Detectives

Posted in Cost Detective by Marcus on July 22, 2013 No Comments yet

We at the Cost Detectives have decided to try and do our bit to help small local businesses.

So even if you are not one please pass on the message.

Is your business under £500k turnover and are you in postcodes N14 N21 N20 EN N11 or N13 then we will look at your costs for free, our bit to help Local Businesses.

If your business is a little slower over summer then it is a good time to review all the costs within your business so why not take advantage of this offer?

Just drop me a line and we can make a start.

Here is a blog that may help.

I hope you are still enjoying the heat, remember when it snowed and you wished it was hot!

Feel free to pass this offer on.

Best Regards
Marcus King
The Cost Detectives

PS We also help charities for free so if you have any contacts in this area please do let them know.