Business phone bills ; 3 Tips to see if you are paying too much!

Business Phone Bills



We have been saving costs for organisations costs for years on all sorts of costs from A to Z. Today we are focussing on land line telephony costs.

The cost of telephony continues to fall and the suppliers margins are falling or they should be. We see a huge variety of costs being paid for the same call so many suppliers are still making too much money!

As with a lot of things, businesses just want the phones to work and they do not have time to check if they are paying too much. The imagined hassle of changing suppliers is also something the procrastinator holds onto.

The changes in the industry means it is now easier than ever to change suppliers and there is no excuse!

Your supplier is not about to tell you that you are being overcharged you need to get it checked for yourself, in the years we have been looking at costs we have saved money on 98% of telephony bills that we have seen.


So what 3 Tips can we give you to let you know if you are paying too much?


    1. Are you being charged a minimum call charge? Have a look on your bill if you see a 1 to 10 second call and they all cost the same, then you are being charged just for connecting. You are paying too much, this billing went out with the ark!
    2. Does it cost more than 6.5pence per minute to call a mobile? The cost of calling mobiles was always an expensive per minute charge but costs have fallen dramatically in the last few years as more and more mobile calls are made. Can be less for high volumes!
    3. How much are your lines , more than £12.50 per month? Lines are a regulated product so they are all looked after by BT so even when you change supplier the underlying provider is still BT.


If you would like another 3 tips on what you should be looking out or if you have any trouble trying to identify if you are paying too much then just send us a copy of your latest bill to and we can advise for you.