What do we charge and How do we find savings?

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Cost Detective


Not surprisingly prospects ask us how we do what we do and what are the costs if they engage with us.


I thought it would be  worth writing a short blog, as our methods are transparent and  our costs are there for all to see.




After we have been appointed by a client the process usually runs like this;


1.  Meet with the boss for 45 minutes to understand the business and what its priorities are in terms of costs. Get introduced to finance team.

2.   Sit down with all the invoices etc for the last 12 months and gather information, just a desk and a photocopier/scanner are fine, no need for input from staff.

3.  Take the information away, get clarity from staff on a few items and then start reporting back savings that we have identified via email.

4. First savings are  usually identified  within 10 days, and once we have completed we will summarise all the savings in a nice short report.

5.  We will agree the savings with you the client.

6.  Done


How do we identify savings?  We take a 3 step approach  to each and every cost.

OK I could not find an image with 3 steps!


1.  Is that cost really necessary? Can we just get rid of it?

2.  How  can we get you to use less, to  be more efficient, whether that be energy or processes.

3.  Can we renegotiate with existing suppliers or suggest new ones?


Once we have applied these three questions to all costs we have always identified savings for every organisation we have worked for.


How much does all this cost?

It is very straight forward, remember number 5 in the process, We agree the savings with the client? Once those are agreed then our share of that is just 10%, so the client keeps 90% and does not pay any other fees. The 10% also only applies to the first 12 months worth of savings not for years to come like some of our competitors.


So there you have it the How and How Much questions answered.

By the way if you are a charity or know of one, we do not charge them even the 10%, so they get the service for free.


If you have any questions then just email me on Marcus@TheCostDetectives.co.uk



Free help for Local North London Businesses from The Cost Detectives

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We at the Cost Detectives have decided to try and do our bit to help small local businesses.

So even if you are not one please pass on the message.

Is your business under £500k turnover and are you in postcodes N14 N21 N20 EN N11 or N13 then we will look at your costs for free, our bit to help Local Businesses.

If your business is a little slower over summer then it is a good time to review all the costs within your business so why not take advantage of this offer?

Just drop me a line and we can make a start.

Here is a blog that may help. http://bit.ly/15CvoFB

I hope you are still enjoying the heat, remember when it snowed and you wished it was hot!

Feel free to pass this offer on.

Best Regards
Marcus King
The Cost Detectives

PS We also help charities for free so if you have any contacts in this area please do let them know.


Age UK Enfield Continues to Support community.

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This week I attended the AGM of Age UK Enfield. Did you know each local Age UK office is a charity in their own right and do not receive any money from the National Office?

Age UK Enfield Offices on the ground floor

Not sure what I was expecting, but I had two pleasant surprises.

Firstly was the amount of people there supporting the cause, the Enfield Mayor Cllr Kate Anolue was there, as were a number of councillors. Lots of members of the charity,  as well as volunteers, supporters and the local Police Support Officers.

In fact there were over 100 people in attendance. Including a very sprightly 95 year old barn dancer!


The second surprise was when the CEO Tony Seagroatt during his address, took the time out to mention myself and The Cost Detectives, thanking us for helping reduce their running costs and then recommending us to other charities. Completely unexpected.

The big news of the day was the announcement of a potentially big project on the horizon which sounded really exciting, I am sure we will hear more in due course. This was Tony’s 20th year as CEO a fantastic servant to, well I was going to say “the elderly”, but as they start supporting people when they turn 50 I am not sure I can.

They have some great Trustees but are potentially on the look out for someone that has some marketing expertise they can bring to the team so if you are interested I am sure Tony would be pleased to hear from you.

The police also did a presentation on bogus callers and how to deal with them, a number of people in the audience then st0od up and told their stories of how they had been ripped off, a lesson for us all to be aware. Just another way AGE UK Enfield is helping the local community.

After the meeting was over everyone was encouraged to stay and talk to each other over tea and sandwiches which was great, met a number of interesting people.

Had a great afternoon thanks to Tony and the team at Age UK Enfield.

A final thought “Who do you support in your local community?”.