What to do if your Energy Supplier wants to change the meter? by The Cost Detectives

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What to do if your Energy Supplier wants to change the meter?


Smart meters are all the rage at the moment and indeed to be encouraged so we can all get rid of the ridiculous process of estimated bills.

When you get the call from your energy supplier that they want to change the meter, then ask yourself this question, “Why now?”

We have been told stories by our energy experts of cases where the supplier wants to change the meter because your current one is faulty. A good thing surely to change it then?

Not necessarily, what if your current meter is saying that you are using more than you actually are? Meters do go wrong especially the older ones with the spinning wheel. They are mechanical and parts wear out, allowing the wheel to spin more freely, and thus your readings are higher than they need to be and you end up being overcharged.

Energy MeterThe lessons here are to monitor your electricity usage via the meter, once you build  up a picture then you can look at the trends and decide if something out of the ordinary is going on. Make it the last thing you do every Friday before you go home.

Once your supplier comes into change the meter then the evidence is gone, they throw the old meters away, so how are you going to show that they have been over charging you now?

We have experts who can monitor your usage with their own meters if you are concerned, or if you just want to get cheaper electricity and gas then we have the experts who can help and are best suited to you and your business.

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Is your Electricity Supplier Ripping you off?

Is your Electricity Supplier ripping you off?


  • Did you know that electricity companies sign you up to a contract which can last up to three years?
  • If you do not give notice at the correct time then they will just roll you over onto a new one without telling you.
  • They will also increase the rate that you are paying, the result?

The result is that you end up being stuck in non competitive contracts for years on end.                            

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Not all Electricity is Good.


Recently a Recruitment Agency client of ours asked us to look at his Electricity bills,

we looked forward to comparing his rates to the myriad of suppliers that are now available.

[Did you know there are    now over 30 Gas and Electricity suppliers in the UK you should

be checking, don’t use the price comparison sites for your business, fine for your home].


Anyway back to the recruitment company, we checked to see when their contract was up

and found it was not for 3 years as he had just been rolled over , as a consequence they are

now paying over 30% too much as compared to the rates we could have got them.



Three Top Tips For saving money on your Electricity Bills.

1]    Check when your contract ends . [Or we can do it for you]

2]    Get the Cost Detectives to explore the market for you at no charge to find you the best rate.

3]    Turn stuff off when you are not using it!


Of course if you would like us to help you check your existing contract then just drop me a line to Marcus@TheCostDetectives.co.ukand we will do all we can to get those bills reduced.


Cost Detective asks have you been rolled over by your electricity company?

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Once again I have a business  client who thought they could just move electricity supplier to a cheaper one.

Unbeknown to them  in the very small print was a roll over term, this company was rolled  for two years!  The rate they are now locked into is about 30% too high!

The window for giving notice on your current contract is short, find out when it is to avoid being rolled over at a higher rate!

If you need any help with this or your other costs  just drop us a line at Save@thecostdetectives.co.uk.