Revealed; Suppliers we have identified savings against for clients!

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When was the last time one of your suppliers rang up to say their prices were falling?


A great question that I often hear from grimacing businessmen in networking events and business meetings.

Well, sometimes all you have  to do is ask, or get someone to benchmark your costs for you.

Time and prioritising is the work of the devil as far as most FDs and MDs are concerned, so we have put together a little list of those suppliers we have identified significant savings against in the last few months.

If you have any of these suppliers then just get in touch.

Indeed if you are using them then it is probable that you are paying too much no matter how big or small a company you are.

In no particular order, honestly;


BT for Telephony

PHS for Washroom supplies

Viking for stationery

Iron Mountain for Document Storage

Local counsel for waste collection

Biffa for waste collection

Bond for outsourced payroll

AXA-PPP for healthcare

Streamline for Merchant Credit Cards

Rentokil Initial for washroom supplies


If you are looking at the list and see your name, then how about reviewing your clients accounts and getting better value for money for them?

We are coming for you!


If you would like your costs reviewed then just drop me a line on


What a Care Home should know on a daily basis? What are your KPIs?

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What a Care Home should  know  on a daily basis!    What are your KPIs?

Businesses should have KPIs  they look at each day, each week, and month end.

If I was running a care home what would be 3 of my daily KPIs?

  1. Food waste, what was the weight of food I threw away today?
  2. Alarm activations, how many residents pressed their alarms today?
  3. Activity participation hours- you have 30 residents at 10 hours a day what % of the 300 hours was spent on activities?

Want to know why or do have others then email