How much did we save our recent Legal client?

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January 2014                                  Legal Firm Savings


As Cost Reduction specialists we a have a very simple philosophy and approach to our clients.

No big contracts just an email exchange is enough for us, plus of course an NDA if you need one.

Unlike other competitors who are known to charge fees and over 50% of identified savings,

we do things a little differently.


Our 3 step approach is;

1                   We review all costs within the business, [but we will not teach anyone how to suck eggs].

2                   We will agree those savings with the client. [There maybe a contracts in place which mean the savings cannot be made, we do not count that as a saving]

3                   Our charge of 10% is based on an agreed calculation of the 1st years savings.

We sit quietly in a corner of the office going through the last years worth of invoices and costs and the over the next few weeks will feed back areas where we think savings can be made.

How do we identify savings/ We ask three questions of each and every cost.

1                   Is that cost really necessary? [Can we just get rid of it?]

2                   How can we encourage efficiency when incurring the cost?

3                   Can we renegotiate with your existing supplier or better ones?

We have attached an example of savings that we have made at a London based Legal Firm recently, as an example of our work.



% Saving

Waste Collection


Telephony Costs


Document Storage


Confidential Shredding


Washroom Services






IT Costs


Private Health Cover






For this four partner, firm savings were in excess of £15,000 and are still climbing as        contracts fall due. Our charge for this was 10% of these agreed savings.


If you would like us to do the same for your firm then just get in touch with our Managing Director on and we can organise a time to meet


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