Printing Costs: 3 Tips that tell you that you are paying too much for print.

Printing Costs ; 3 Tips that tell you that you are paying too much for print.


The print world is another area where firms are currently fighting over each other to try and get the next job. There are print firms closing every week as they battle each other as well as the inexorable rise of digital media.

Digital printing is now well established and can be a huge benefit if you need personalised print runs, the specialists can still be found but there does seem to be a growing gap between the big boys and the one man operations with less company’s found in the middle.

However we all know that in a lot of cases we just need to get something printed to a high standard and on time


So what tips can we give you to let you know if you are paying too much?


  1. If you have been with the same printer for a number of years. If this is true then you must benchmark your next print run, as mentioned prices have fallen.
  2. Are you printing on both sides? Think of the extra information you can put on the back the extra costs are not that much.
  3. Are you always printing at the last minute? If you are then you cannot ask for it to be printed on the same print runs as other jobs or during quiet periods for a discount.


If you would like another 3 tips on what you should be looking out or if you have any trouble trying to identify if you are paying too much then just send us a copy of your latest bill to and we can advise for you.

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