LBSN Meeting 27th January 2012

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2nd Local Business Support Network  [LBSN]  27th January 2012

Had another great meeting this week at the Old Fold Manor Golf Club.

A great way to spend a Friday afternoon, with other businesses who are primed to help each other and learn about things that help our businesses.

We all introduced ourselves so that we knew who was in the room with some great interjections along the way.

We then had our education slot. Each week  one of the team volunteers to educate the rest of the team about something they think will be useful to everyone else, rules are you cannot mention your own business! In our first week I spoke on , “ 1st  3 things to do on  Linkedin”.

This week Ben Riley of Mister Geek taught us about two great free software packages. The first one was Dropbox where you can share files with yourself on other machines or with the outside world.

The second one was 1password, where you only ever have to remember one password and you get access to all those logins with their own passwords.

Lots of great questions from the businesses there for Ben. The flexibility of the meeting and the discussion meant that we went straight to our Business Forum section. I managed to get some help from two of the team members as I mentioned I was having an issue with finding a new eco light replacement company, and now have a couple of good contacts.

We also helped Ruth of The Perfect Team who was trying to fill a Marketing Role for a client of hers.

As the meeting closed we all agreed to provide our social media connections so that we all follow each other and increase our reach.

70% of people stayed on for further chats and those discussions then moved on to the bar facilities at the Golf Club, some of us were last to leave!

Overall a great 2nd Meeting and we accepted two new partners, Stuart Harris the Accountant and Terry Hall the Commercial Mortgage Broker.

Looking forward to the next meeting in two weeks time. Linkedin event link is



1st 3 Things to do on Linkedin

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