Top 3 reasons to have as many automated business processes as you can.

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Top 3 reasons to have as many automated business processes as you can.


Businesses should look at automating business processes, huge amounts of technology are now available at very cost effective rates.

Our top 3 reasons are;


1              Cost Savings- Things are still tough out there

2              Staff Morale -  They should be doing things that add value and keep them interested.

3              Reporting- Automated early warnings to your desktop


If you think your business could automate more but you do not have the time or do not know where to start then drop a line.


Prices of Online backups of data has fallen dramatically.

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The cost of online backups has fallen dramatically. You can now backup a full terabyte of information for just £60 a year.

This now brings the costs to a level that everyone should be taking advantage, whether you are a business or an individual who just wants to save all those precious digital images.

I wonder how many companies lost data during the recent riots?

The backups are now fully automated, secure duplicated storage, iterative so now is the time to take advantage.

If you want a recommendation on which service to use then just drop a line to


What a Care Home should know on a daily basis? What are your KPIs?

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What a Care Home should  know  on a daily basis!    What are your KPIs?

Businesses should have KPIs  they look at each day, each week, and month end.

If I was running a care home what would be 3 of my daily KPIs?

  1. Food waste, what was the weight of food I threw away today?
  2. Alarm activations, how many residents pressed their alarms today?
  3. Activity participation hours- you have 30 residents at 10 hours a day what % of the 300 hours was spent on activities?

Want to know why or do have others then email